Business Intelligence Technologies We’re Thankful For

Feathered Elephant Picture

Feathered Elephant Picture

Tis the season to be thankful, and we’re thankful for the great technologies we get the chance to develop at iVEDiX. We’re continuously pioneering business intelligence (BI) that empowers users, generates profitable understanding of big data, and enhances the quality of life for our users. From products to services, we’ve come together to ask our data, BI, and mobile experts to choose five revolutionary technologies they believe are the foundation of what’s propelling business intelligence today, and here they are:

Augmented Reality

Integrating computers into our daily life is not only a trend, it’s a revolution. We chose augmented reality for the widespread excitement it is generating. It’s not just technology, it’s a sensory input and takes the popularity of mobility to the next level – this is what we should expect for the future of business intelligence.

server imageMassively Parallel Processing (MPP) Appliances

The latest innovation in data warehousing. MPP is taking Big Data to the next level through an integrated combination of hardware and software. Functionally acting through a divide-and-conquer approach MPP architectures deliver high performance queries and platform scalability.



4g image4G

The fourth generation of the mobile phone standards, 4G revolutionized the mobile workforce by relinquishing management from the chains of wifi and letting them access their databases at near-wire capable speeds and on the go.



star trek pad imageMobile devices

An ever expanding opportunity for business intelligence companies, mobile devices coupled with wireless technologies (like OLAP and MPP) are becoming the new standard in BI offerings. It started with laptops but the current tablet design has had an impact. Not a new concept, as seen the 1960’s Star Trek, but now a viable solution for today’s mobile workforce.


data cubes image

Dimensional Data Models

Along with data cubes, dimensional data models were a revolutionary breakthrough over 2 decades ago, but we still use them to innovate today. Since nothing really new has come up in data modeling, iVEDiX uses this technology to enhance our mobile access to complex data.




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