Power-Up Your SAP Instance with iVEDiX

We recently published a blog post that highlights the role sensors and analytics play when it comes to building a smart factory. In another, we detailed how iVEDiX helps manufacturers streamline operations to build ‘brilliant factories.’ In this post, we cover how the iVEDiX Digital Platform enhances and optimizes your SAP usage, making processes easier, quicker, trackable and transparent.

SAP Opportunities

SAP is the cornerstone of most manufacturing processes in the enterprise. (If you’re reading this, it’s likely the center of yours as well.) Your process to track assets within SAP may have started out with three or four steps. But, over time, with new assets and new processes, the complexity has only increased. And, as you know, incremental changes can become extremely time-consuming and complex to create, test, and implement in SAP.

Many enterprises and factories simply don’t have a streamlined way, in SAP, to move assets or change attributes to accommodate the agility that 21st Century manufacturing requires. There are limits to what SAP can do on the shop floor. iVEDiX helps manufacturers and enterprises optimize their systems to get the most value out of SAP.

iVEDiX Helps Companies Track + Trace with SAP

iVEDiX integrates tightly with SAP to provide real-time visibility into the movement of assets. It allows companies to track assets automatically using sensors and tags, or manually using simple barcoding.

The sensors + tags method automates the asset tracking process. Assets are monitored and tracked as they move within the facility and as they are transported to other locations. Sensors also allow asset metrics to be automatically written to SAP.

When iVEDiX is integrated with SAP, workers can view real-time metrics such as the temperature and location of each asset, if an asset has been outside of the facility, or how long an asset has been in one place.

iVEDiX provides custom interfaces (iVEDiX Glass) that reduce the number of steps needed to complete processes in SAP systems. Workflow processes that take eight or more steps in SAP can be reduced to just one or two clicks with iVEDiX. It’s about measurably decreasing process time on the shop floor.

The next step is to use the Rules and Alerts of the iVEDiX Digital Platform. It’s not enough to store in a database that something or someone is not where it should be on the shop floor. A good Rules and Alerts system can notify the right person at the right time, when something isn’t right.

Enterprise Asset Management

Asset tracking is a Digital Transformation necessity, no matter the industry. For example, hospitals must track assets such as surgical tools, medical equipment, and medicines to provide patients quality healthcare and to comply with government regulations. Automobile manufacturers track assets such as vehicle parts, equipment, and workers to increase productivity and exceed safety regulations.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers track assets and manage inspection schedules and to meet chemical handling and safety regulations.

Your enterprise asset management has to be easy-to-use, customizable, secure, and must provide real-time visibility into assets, be they equipment, supplies, devices, or people. Tying that into SAP isn’t optional. It has to happen.

To learn more about how iVEDiX can help optimize your SAP commitment, contact us today.