An industry at an inflection point meets the platform built for living data.

In the era of TIMWOOD, the energy enterprise demands lean work rocesses that minimize or eliminate non-value, wasteful activities — and information management is no exception. The iVEDiX platform enables the modern business to put its ecosystem of living data to work for the entire organization, reducing waste, elevating accountability and driving process improvement at all levels. We did it for an Oil & Gas Major, and we can do it for you.

Oil & Gas Major + iVEDiX: THE PROJECT

A leader in the oil and gas sector required a highly secure software platform solution to advance corporate safety, productivity, quality, innovation, and accountability goals for project, people, material, and equipment management across their global enterprise. Living data at their fingertips.

“The oil and gas sector needed a very specific solution that they just couldn’t find on the market. With our platform, we brought a vision to life in days”
Rajesh Kutty, iVEDiX Founder & CEO

Leveraging the ultra-connected, transparent and highly visual iVEDiX digital platform, the Oil & Gas Major has combined their optimization methodologies, including e-procurement and bid analytics, supplier
management scores, and real-time safety statistics and tracking into a single interactive dashboard.

The technology updates data in real-time, flags project, cost, time, compliance or safety abnormalities, and instantly notifies authorized users
across the organization. The Oil & Gas Major not only receives up-to-date
information on almost any metric, but is also able to track inventory and
product movement in real-time by connecting directly to the edge service
layers that are listening to the sensors and tags tied to critical assets.

The solution allows the Oil & Gas Major and its partners to use a single interface to communicate often and in a timely manner across all of the key drivers guiding their goals. With a mobile platform that integrates with multiple systems to track and trace resources in real-time, the Oil & Gas Major’s ecosystem of assets spitting out data are no longer fragmented and un-auditable—now they are connected, transparent and visible at all times.

8–12% improvement in productivity
15% reduction in rental costs
25–40% improvement in material management
100% uptime
Real-time visibility