Asset Tracking and Actionable Analytics Case Study

Case Study: Manufacturing / Pharma / Container

A global manufacturer needed to:
o Track inventory to minimize container losses/damage.
o Stay compliant with regulatory / customer mandates on container certification.
o Improve production and supply chain cycle times.
o Improve and optimize recycle times for containers back to recirculation.
o Enhance safety for its employees.
o Integrate with SAP ERP-ECC6 system.
o Provide on-demand transparency of the process/metrics to regulators and customers.
o Scale across all global plants/sites on demand.

The solution:
▪ RFID tagged assets and asset tracking
▪ Process mapping including digital zonal location and process state markers
▪ Real-time alerts and notifications
▪ On-demand data and reporting for compliance and audit
▪ Robust analytics serving actionable intelligence
▪ Ubiquitous access – mobile/desktop

Benefits of the Solution:
▪ Locate Assets in Real-Time
o Where is this asset right now? We need it. Active RFID Sensors were placed throughout the factory and tags were placed on each Container.
▪ Real-time and Profile-based notifications.
o Multi-channel notifications (email, SMS or ‘In-App’ when there are issues in Production as it happens or before (based on thresholds/conditions) in order to facilitate enough time for an intervention. Make the right people aware of issues while there is still time to affect outcomes.
▪ Bundle Analytics
o ‘Out Of The Box’ robust analytics and reporting.
▪ Shave Cycle Time
o Look at the data in aggregation so that process flow improvements can be made.
▪ Integrate with SAP
o Receive data feeds from SAP to kick off processes and update status. Send asset movement history and other metadata back to SAP.
▪ Experience the Interface
o For the user on the Production Floor, the user experience has to be mobile, intuitive, and accident-proof. For the Data Analyst in the office, it has to allow for rich data exploration and discovery on the desktop.
▪ Improve Safety
o Knowing the history of the asset, its contents and the process state reduces safety incidents.
▪ Enhance Physical Security
o If the asset is in the wrong place at the wrong time, people can be made aware.
• Experience Digital Transformation
o Replace your paper processes with Digital Footprints for better process improvement, clearer analytics, and trackable compliance.
• Reduce Loss
o With real-time asset location, misplaced assets are reduced.
• On Demand Scalability
o Configure new locations and rules on demand to scale anytime, anywhere.