A unique visualization platform centered around human-centric design, Glass feels like the devices you love and use every day while supporting the heavy lifting that enterprise-level data demands.


The graphical user interface (GUI) that sits on top of the Core, Studio powers rapid configuration of everything from user groups and assets to security, metadata, and even custom themes.


As modular as it is flexible, the Core engine tightly integrates customizable asset tracking solutions with advanced analytics designed for the next wave of mobile and connected devices.
From IoT to intelligent collaboration and sensor-driven smart facilities, technology has created a data ecosystem that is growing, changing, and moving at unprecedented speeds – a landscape of living data that shapes business today. Helping you harness it, understand it, and use it to define your future is the iVEDiX digital platform.
Built at its core on a highly configurable IoT engine, the iVEDiX platform adds advanced analytics, powerful configuration tools and a brilliantly visual, human-centric interface to offer a highly curated and personalized experience. This is your living data at your fingertips.


Asset Tracking Tools /
Typical HW Mfrs Software
Analytics Tools
   GLASS: Interactive visualization and analytics platform
   Native (iOS, Android, Windows 10) and Web2
   Auto-deploy across all platforms
   Supports basic and advanced visualization charts, grids, maps, and floor plans
   Supports native and custom animation / gestures
   Offline capabilities
   STUDIO: Configuration GUI
   Dynamic analytics configuration
   Metadata configuration module
   Augmented 1Security module
   Support for multi-dimensional and relational databases
   Cross-DB Joins
   Client configuration
   CONSUME: Inbound support for external APIs
   SUPPLY: Outbound support for external APIs
   Asset tracking studio: Web-based interface for asset configuration
   CORE: Data gathering, processing, classification and aggregation engine
   IOT engine
   IOT asset configuration - data processing and configuration module
   Edge server - retrieves data from IOT devices (RFID, sensors, GPS, barcodes) and organizes the data based on an intricate series of applied rules, profiles, filters and events
   Notifications engine - configurable multi-channel communication engine that uses rules and profiles to send proactive notifications across preferred channels (email, SMS, apps, etc.)
   Alert engine - uses workflow and thresholds to send alerts about systems, devices or processes.