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happy new year

Each week iVEDiX brings our community the latest content, thought leadership, and trends within the walls of iVEDiX. We appreciate all your support throughout the year, and plan to bring you more awesome content in 2015. Based on your response, we’ve complied a 2014 countdown of your favorite blog posts:

happy new year

10) 10 IT Leaders We Follow On Twitter
At iVEDiX, we align ourselves with the most progressive influencers in IT, Business Intelligence, and Mobile. From time to time, we like to pay it forward and show them some appreciation too. In this post, you’ll find 10 IT thought leaders you can’t wait to follow.

9) See You at Gartner!
This past year, iVEDiX made a splash with our friends in IT research at Gartner’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit. As a presenter and exhibitor, we were able to build relationships and partnerships to further our innovation around our miVEDiX apps.

8) miVEDiX on the Big Data Landscape
Big Data was all the rage in 2014, and in the midst of a complex data landscape miVEDiX prevailed across IT ecosystems. Here, we take a look at the big players in Big Data and how we’re performing in the race toward innovation.

7) Mobile Analytics, Location Intelligence, and Retail
One of the many verticals we’ve seen success in is Retail, and that’s because it is an industry that is always innovating to gain a competitive edge. In this post we look at location intelligence, and some of the hottest trends in retail.

6) iVEDiX Announces Executive Team Expansion
It’s great to see that our community is engaged, not only in our thought leadership, but also in the growth of our company. After welcoming four new members to our executive team, iVEDiX celebrated some major milestones for our global company.

5) iVEDiX Announces Global Expansion and Employee Growth
One of our major milestones was the official opening of an office in Dubai. To support our massive partner and client growth in the region, iVEDiX established a base of operations in the Middle East and as a result met some very ambitious goals in the region.

4) miVEDiX: Location, Location, Location!
Every now and then, our friends at Software Advice ask us to collaborate with them on some content and since we are pros in unstructured data we expanded on their thoughts around retail analytics. Talk about unstructured data? We’re looking at how to optimize foot traffic in a brick-and-mortar.

3) The Sticky Problems of Translation
Being an international technology company presents some unique challenges, especially with regard to translation. The pace of innovation often exceeds that of language, which leaves us without the words to describe our product. Here are some tactics on how we address and overcome the language barriers we’ve encountered.

2) The Difference Between Data and Lore
There’s something to be said for intuition and knowing your business, because not all data factors in sentiment. In order to be prescriptive with analytics, you need to have both facts and sentiment. Using our favorite Star Trek metaphors, we uncover some hard hitting truths about data.

1) Doing the Impossible Just Takes the Right People
We’re thrilled to see this is your favorite post of the year, because the life blood of iVEDiX is it’s people. As a startup, it’s our biggest investment and source of pride. Without the creativity, entrepreneurship, and genius of our Vedics we wouldn’t be excelling at the pace we are today. So thanks for not only supporting our product, but our people too. May you and yours have a very happy New Year!

Let us know what your favorite blog post was in the comments below!

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