Schoen Place

iVEDiX Logo & TaglineiVedix [eye-ved-ix] – noun;
1. Practitioners of Knowledge (ancient Sanskrit)
Knowledge is power – a philosophy that holds true in life and business. iVEDiX Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and services empower organizations with the knowledge they need to drive efficiencies, internally within the business and externally in terms of customer engagement.

But on a less serious note, we’re techy Rochesterians from all around the world, and the grain tower is our home. Our work is defined by our customers, but our expertise ranges from world class database geniuses and graphical wizards to mobile application gurus. Our goals and our vision are directed by envisioning what’s possible. Today, it’s mobile and iVEDiX is on the forefront of mobilizing BI; with miVEDiX as our crowning achievement.

Schoen Place
© 2009 Keith Boas Photography

We are helping our customers landscape their technology environment with original technology and partners including: River Logic, Cubeware, Arcplan, ProNexus, T.Y. Lin

Thank you for joining us, and feel free to interact with our team!


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