UNAIDS Expands its Use of the iVEDiX Digital Platform in its Continued Fight to Help End the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

The UNAIDS HIV Situation Room, powered by the iVEDiX Digital Platform, is expanding into additional African countries, thus ensuring a broader reach of an effective HIV program and delivery of life-saving services throughout Africa.

iVEDiX, an innovative leader in digital visualization, analytics, and workflow solutions, announced today that its digital software platform has been selected as the technology that will continue to power the UNAIDS HIV Situation Room program as it expands into five additional African countries.

The UNAIDS Situation Room is an initiative that contributes to ending the HIV epidemic by 2030, as one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and is currently implemented in 47 Kenyan counties. This project evolved from the joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS’ (UNAIDS) strategic goal of a 90-90-90 target for 2020. The objective is to have 90 percent of all people living with HIV know their HIV status, 90 percent of all people with the diagnosed HIV infection receive sustained antiretroviral therapy, and 90 percent of all people receiving antiretroviral therapy will have durable viral suppression.

“The Situation Room program brings together different datasets on health,” said Taavi Erkkola, a senior advisor to UNAIDS, who is coordinating country support and building national capacity in data use. “The visual capabilities of the platform support Program Managers to do faster and easier data analysis, which strengthens programs and brings efficiencies in the right locations, at the right times.”

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When UNAIDS created this initiative, they were looking for a tool that would allow member states to collaborate virtually and access national, county and facility level information. In 2015, the iVEDiX Digital Platform was chosen as the original solution and is now the integral technology behind the program’s success. iVEDiX seamlessly integrates with existing global data infrastructures and health information systems while providing remote access to reports and easy access to insights and data analytics to enhance the HIV/AIDS response. The iVEDiX Digital Platform provides unprecedented capabilities to interact with vast amounts of untapped real-time and historical health data and gives visibility to information on preventative and treatment services. The Situation Room program grants insight to information on commodities such as drug inventory levels, logistics, and other key information with a focus on targeting the most burdened and at-risk population groups such as children and pregnant women. UNAIDS leaders, African health stakeholders, and local health practitioners gain real-time data access to collaborate and empower decision making for testing, treatment, and inventory. Having complete access to information provides global, regional and facility-level organizations the capabilities to monitor the HIV/AIDS epidemic and improve lives worldwide.

The Situation Room allows UNAIDS and its regional offices to communicate more resourcefully with high impact countries and member states. The tool’s dynamic dashboard configurations help member states visualize, analyze, and interact with critical HIV and health data to determine the overall progress of a plan and to decide the allocation of important indicators, such as future resources or medicines. By accessing and collaborating with actionable information, member states can deliver targeted preventative and treatment services at community levels.

Brian Annechino, director of government and public sector at iVEDiX says, “Together with our UNAIDS’ life-saving partnership we showcase our best practices in countries and communities that will improve the lives of people living with and affected by HIV and will help Africa accelerate progress towards ending the AIDS epidemic.”

About iVEDiX 
iVEDiX is a mobile-first platform that accelerates enterprise innovation by facilitating rapid deployment of unique visualization, analytics, and workflow solutions. The iVEDiX Digital Platform seamlessly integrates with existing data infrastructures and empowers users with extraordinary access and insights to their data. The platform combines rich visualizations, sophisticated interface options, and real-time updates to deliver an immersive data discovery and workflow experience. iVEDiX is headquartered in Pittsford, New York. To learn more, visit https://ivedix.com.

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