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why for business intelligence

why for business intelligencePain points vary from business to business, but none of these obstacles are so great that business intelligence cannot make it better. Without fail, iVEDiX has collaborated with companies from Healthcare to Retail in pursuit of transformation. Amit Agrawl, Senior Data and BI Architect at iVEDiX, is at the heart of these initiatives – bringing to solutions to life. Here’s a short article based on his thoughts on the why for BI:

We can all agree with buzzwords like BigData there is no lack of information out there. The problem is getting a hold of it and using that information to our best advantage. For instance, the challenge of gaining a competitive advantage has become increasingly difficult with the evolution of technology in manufacturing, distribution, and sales. Processes and tools that once generated leading products and services, are not sufficient for today’s marketplace.

Enterprises that thrive in the future will be those that can act rapidly on information as it is aggregated. Businesses need to reduce the time between collection and action. Mobile is a great way of doing this. Once business intelligence breaks out of it’s organizational and operational silos and into an integrated environment, the possibility for understanding, responding, discovering, and predicting organizational shifts is endless. With such freedom, power players in our organizations can resolve their own pain points and be proactive in alleviating them.

Democratizing information in this way makes it accessible to individuals across an organization, and helps businesses users not only be proactive, but rally their business communities under reliable facts based on analysis; rather than circumstantial gut feelings or outdated anecdotes.

Companies that use Business Intelligence to uncover flawed business processes are in a much better position to successfully compete than companies that merely monitor what’s happening. The truth is that, time is slipping by for organizations to come up to speed and take control of their fate – Business Intelligence is not just a trend it’s the way the enterprise is evolving.



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