The Fine Art of Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence RFPs

the fine art of rfps in data warehousing and business intelligence whitepaper

free white paper downloadOur core team has traveled the globe building relationships, gaining experience, and perfecting our methodology. No matter where our expertise brings us, it usually starts with an assessment. One of our team’s many assessments include Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Request for Proposals (RFPs). Team member, Brian Annechino, gives us his expert insight on what it’s like to manage and successfully execute an RFP in our latest whitepaper, which begins:

“Whether you are seeking to store your data in a new data warehouse technology, provide your end-users with a slick BI tool, or looking for that best-of-breed ETL tool, the proper management of the RFP process should be Priority #1! Even if you are comfortable with the technology that you are investigating, perhaps from a previous employment or experience, your end-users are now different, and going through an RFP process is almost always the proper starting point.

Choosing a data warehouse or business intelligence technology is not a light-hearted decision. These decisions can often “make” (or “break”) the lead sponsor’s career. Yes, this seems a little dramatic, but it’s true! With so many stakeholders involved (business users, IT, management, etc.), you can either position yourself to be the Hero or the Villain in this story. From the IT group who is managing the technology to the end-users who are benefiting (or not benefiting) to the executive management who financed the project, there are many people involved who will have eyes on you and your management of the process


Brian is all about the details. His commitment to customers borders on obsessive. His ability to draw them in is uncanny. He will circumnavigate the planet many times if it meant breaking bread with people who share our vision. He is driven by perfection and will unquestionably set the pace. His nickname in the office is ‘pace car’. He’s a great project manager, trusted advisor and technology liaison. He is the go to guy. When he’s not camping at an airport, you’ll find him on a tennis court or soccer pitch or just polishing up his jeep waiting for that perfect weather to strip it down.

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