Every enterprise - and what each needs from its landscape of living data - is different, and the iVEDiX platform has been designed with the flexibility to meet that reality. The curated solutions that we can provide for your business begin with defining your most pressing challenges.











The ability to suddenly visualize your entire business and see your issues in real-time is invaluable. This technology is transforming many industries by offering real-time visibility into inventory and product movement, helping to improve productivity, safety and prevent losses and automate timekeeping.


Your assets are your business.
Time to keep them on track.

No matter what sector you operate in, asset tracking is no longer optional for the enterprise. Whether you're an energy or manufacturing leader looking to increase productivity and safety performance, a retailer seeking more control over inventory and supply chain management, or a healthcare system ensuring that staff and patients always have the critical equipment, medicines exactly where when they need it, iVEDiX can help you harness the living data that surrounds these business-critical assets - and use to exceed your goals.


Power-Up Your IoT
Enterprise Asset Management is Digital Transformation in action. You need to know where your assets are right now.


Improve Cost Savings
Your IoT initiative is about saving time, improving margins, and keeping your assets safe. Track your assets and change their workflows. All in a simple interface.


Enable Workflow
Tie together your systems with Workflow. Digital transformation is about taking action. Commission tags, change their properties, set the workflow. Transform your business.


Visualizing IoT data in real-time and in aggregation, then marrying that granular detail with your over-arching business goals. That's the power of iVEDiX. The value is in tying your workflow together. It's digital transformation in action, from the shop floor to the C-Suite.


Securing your facilities.
Securing your people.

Smart factories. Government facilities. Public universities. Each environment poses risks that make the make the iVEDiX platform ideal for these dynamic, constantly shifting ecosystems of people and properties. Tracking and managing the living data that they produce is the key to keeping these precious assets safe and secure.

IoT-enabled peace of mind

ID tags can be placed on people, vehicles, machinery, equipment, or any other important asset to track and trace their status, making sure they are where they need to be and managing any risk they may create.
With the iVEDiX platform, security rules and alerts can be customized to suit your environment and specific needs. If the security risk for a specific action is extremely low, alerts can be sent by email or SMS. Greater security or safety threats can trigger loud alarm or siren, or even an automated M2M call to shut down a machine or lockdown entryway access.
At all times, iVEDiX delivers real-time data visualizations on your tablet or desktop, or on a wall-size monitor for a stunning view of the activities happening in your facility.
iVEDiX works with a variety of tags, including RFID, GPS, and the next generation of tracking technology.

For worker safety

In a manufacturing plant, iVEDiX ensures that only qualified operators are in proximity to specific equipment. A tagged worker wandering near a machine they are not permissioned for, like a crane or a CNC mill, generates an alarm or siren to alert that the worker is too close.
At an oil refinery, every worker is given an ID tag with a sensor that automatically sends data to an iVEDiX-powered tracking system. In an emergency like a fire or a spill, the system lets managers know in real time where workers are located and if they are near a danger zone.

For facility security

Improving security at a public venue involves precisely monitoring and tracking deliveries and personnel. With iVEDiX, managers always know exactly who and what is entering and exiting their buildings in real-time.
At a government port facility, for example, a delivery truck is scheduled to deliver a box of office supplies at 8:45 am at Bay Door C. The iVEDiX platform knows the identity of the drivers, their license numbers, the license plates of the trucks, and how long it should take for the trucks to travel from the entranceway to the correct bay door. If the driver goes to the wrong bay door or takes too long to arrive at the designated door, the system can send alerts based on the programmed rules.


When tight margins are the rule,
every penny counts.
Every customer, too.

Digitization is changing the face of retail today. Companies that are unable to embrace digital technologies and adopt a digital transformation strategy are being left behind. For retailers, this involves digitization and integration of a wide array of assets and systems, such as vending machines, store equipment, customer portals, and an extended enterprise of suppliers and providers. A general challenge in the retail industry is that inventory, Point of Sale (POS), and other systems are separate and report for different periods. This timeline discrepancy forces manual efforts to reconcile sales and stock levels to support the ordering process, leading to waste shrink. Retailers use iVEDiX’s Digital Platform to integrate multiple systems to help monitor shrinkage and boost profitability. Combining real-time and historical data gives retailers unprecedented capabilities to visualize, analyze, and interact with vast amounts of untapped information to better serve their customers.


Deeper customer insights
Use cognitive analytics to provide a clearer picture of customers and create better shopping experiences.


Smarter loss prevention
A digital workflow tailored to the retail industry helps spot trends to minimize lost profits from internal and external shrink.


Safer work environment
Profit from the power of IoT ad a central nervous system, resulting in greater cost savings, less downtime, and a safer work environment.


The ability to provide quick integrations and fast value to our clients with miVEDiX is a natural extension of our service offerings.

Michael Jackson, Managing Partner at Solea


An intuitive tool fit
for modern medicine.

Technology continues to play a large part in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry, therefore, it is critical to have tools in place to provide pertinent clinical information that is actionable at the time of care. iVEDiX’s Digital Platform seamlessly integrates Electronic Medical Records [EMRs] and other healthcare data sources into one interface for Clinicians. This interface revolutionizes the experience of EMRs and drives efficiency that can save hours while improving the Clinician and patient experience.


Greater public health
Unlock the value of EMRs so staff can be more responsive through custom patient health alerts and life-saving intelligence.


Streamline nurse rounding
An interactive digital workflow that automates, digitizes and streamlines nurse rounding through a mobile application with customized user experience.


Actionable metrics
Orchestrate complex infrastructure with diverse connected assets and user groups into a money-saving big picture.


The development of the app has really revolutionized my ability to interact with the patient with less intrusion of technology while at the same time using technology to improve my care for the patient.

Dr. Gary Singer, Medical Director at Fresenius Medical Care


See better, serve better.

Governments need big data programs to bring together information from multiple Situation Room sources, including national statistics of service delivery, logistics, and financial data. iVEDiX’s enabling technology brings a Situation Room to life and provides intuitive collaboration mechanisms. iVEDiX transforms raw data into a usable, unified, and interactive interface to allow policy-makers, community officers, and other data miners to observe the data in terms of progress, gaps, and other actionable information.


Improve sustainable development
Visualize patterns and trends more intuitively and act on them more meaningfully to improve sustainable development.


Streamline nurse rounding
Unprecedented capabilities to interact with vast amounts of untapped real-time and historical data by integrating with existing global data infrastructures.


Monitor remote sensors
Set thresholds to trigger immediate alerts for global, regional, and facility-level organizations and monitor remote sensors across regions.


The Situation Room program brings together different datasets on health. The visual capabilities of the platform support Program Managers to do faster and easier data analysis, which strengthens programs and brings efficiencies in the right locations, at the right times.

Taavi Erkkola, a senior advisor to UNAIDS

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