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We’re pretty stoked to announce that we will be presenting at Gartner’s BI Summit this year:

iVEDiX, a premiere business intelligence and mobile development company, will be showcasing miVEDiX, a revolutionary mobile analytics platform. As a sponsor of the event, iVEDiX will be presenting “Mobility and Interactive Analytics,” a topic focused on the new, innovative ways that a data ecosystem can be visualized, and turned into an interactive experience that enhances decision making.

A presentation at for an event like Gartner is always a high-pressure affair, to be sure.  As you can read in our press-release (and as you may know already) the analysts at Gartner are working at the top of their respective fields.  In many ways, they are the gatekeepers of which technologies get coverage, and which ones end up languishing.

Our presentation, “Morality and Interactive Analytics,” focuses on the way that technology, interactivity, and mobility have all begun to converge into a focal point — one that promises to reshape the way we use data to make decisions.  iVEDiX is a firm believer in empowering the user, but this isn’t just a buzzword for us.  We mean it.  But what do we mean?

Take, for example, our miFacilities app.  We will be talking about this at Gartner, and also presenting a webinar on our presentation when we get back, so you might read about this again.  But put simply, miFacilities was an application iVEDiX developed off of the miVEDiX platform that lets University of Rochester engineers conduct business out in the field.  They can approve reports, look at analysis, confirm personnel changes, and a bunch of other useful stuff, all without having to run back to the office.

College Town — Artist’s Depiction

This is a huge time-saver, obviously.  But more importantly, miFacilities gives the person out in the field a level of control they previously didn’t have.  And when you’re the University of Rochester, working on a massive project like College Town is an undertaking that demands as much collaboration as you can get.

So that’s what we mean when we talk about empowering people.  Our CEO, Raj Kutty, has said on several occasions that “data is not just things in a box.”  It can be a living, moving stream of information that goes from collection to your device, and the shorter the route, the better.  Getting that data in your hands and using it to make a good decision is the core of analytics, and why we are so passionate about it.

See you at Gartner!

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