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ChaseCorporateChallengeLogo-trans-e1450313415523iVEDiX has always envied the other-worldly technology, strength, and heroism that we see in superhero movies and every year we get a chance to be part of that, through the Chase Corporate Challenge. For the fourth year, our team will run for fun, but also of a worthy cause. This year’s beneficiary hits close to home, as we continue our work in Healthcare.

IACKIDS is an organization that supports Rochester families going through financial hardships due to their child’s severe illness. Here’s a look at the power of their contributions to our community:

While the top priority is being with their child and managing their medical care, the financial burden associated with long-term hospitalization often adds an incredible amount of stress.  When children are seriously ill, parents want to be with their sick child as much as possible and because of that they sometimes lose their job because of time away, be forced to reduce their hours, or take unpaid medical leave. During this time, they still have to manage their lives as they did prior to their child’s illness; their other children, home, monthly bills, and so much more.  As contributing members of our society it is important to give back to those in need, and IACKids was assembled to do just that. It is the IACKids goal to empower our community to give back to these families in need so that they can concentrate on their child’s illness and not worry about falling behind financially.

Having the opportunity to participate in this race is a great opportunity for camaraderie, but to participate in an event with such a meaningful impact is a privilege. So, if you’re a supporter be sure to share the story of this organization, if you’re a watcher be sure to cheer on the sidelines, and if you’re a racer remember who you’re running for.

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With a background in consumer electronics and telecom, business intelligence is a new front for exploration in the mist of this marketer’s communications expertise. Ashley has cast a dedicated and ambitious vision for team iVEDiX and it’s strong visual brand, while building relationship with our community, sparking inspiration, and coordinating marketing efforts.

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