Most Popular Tech Tweets of Summer 2015

twitterAt iVEDiX we like to brag about our followers, contributors, and collaborators because our presence on social media would be nothing without our community. Every day we share content and do our best to bring our culture of innovation to others. So we thought you might be interested in a countdown of our top ten tweets of the summer:

10. “Adopting Clinical Quality Metrics for Better Patient Care”
By far, our most engaging topic of the summer was the miVEDiX Healthcare Webinar Series. It focused on improving quality care and guiding providers through clinical quality metrics. The series will be picked back up in October as we begin to explore public and global health scenarios, so stay tuned.

9. “Delivering the Promise of Big Data and the Cloud”
There is nobody influencing the social side of data science quite like Kirk Borne. As Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen, PhD Astrophysicist, and Top Big Data Influencer, Borne has accrued quite a following. When he shared this executive white paper on Big Data and the Cloud, our community proved we’re all on board with the Borne fandom.

8. “Big Data Gives Manufacturing a New Revenue Source”
In our estimation, last year was the year of Big Data buzz, and this summer was that of Big Data successes. It has become commonplace to hear about the positive power of Big Data in industries like manufacturing, but the Wall Street Journal brought some new insights into the revolutionary impact IoT is having on revenue.

7.“How Big Data And The Internet Of Things Improve Public Transport In London”
We must have quite an anglophile following because this Forbes article about the Transportation for London’s (TFL) digital transformation was a hit. In an effort to make their city smarter, TFL created a Big Data solution tracking everything from buses and taxis, to cycle and footpaths.

6. “iVEDiX Analytics Weekly is Out!”
This summer, we welcomed back our weekly to our twitter feed and the response was fantastic. has been a great way for us to explore the data, analytics, and mobile topics trending across the web. If you haven’t already take a minute to subscribe, or create one for yourself.

5. “4 Best Kept Secrets of Wearable Technology”
One of the hottest tech trends of the summer has been IoT. So, we tapped into its recent popularity by highlighting some lesser-known wearables in the consumer space. We were amazed by the devices already available in the market, and look forward to discovering more great products for this year’s IT Holiday Wish List.

4. “Did you miss our mHealth webinar? Watch it now…”
This was the summer of webinars at iVEDiX, and the response has driven us to keep them coming. In the coming months, we’ll be diving into more industry specific webinars as well as technology based presentations around the Internet of Things. Don’t forget, we make all webinars available to watch, any time, from our blog.

3. “Basic Advice for Your Language #Tech Start-up”
Industry analyst and consultant Seth Grimes helps organizations find business value in enterprise, online & social data, and this summer on our twitter handle. Grimes authors a blog called Breakthrough Analysis, which offers industry trends, relevant insights, and free industry reports – it’s no wonder this tweet rocketed to the top three.

2. “Thanks for the follow, if you like our tweets you may like our blog”
Not surprisingly, our followers drove some of the most popular tweets of the summer as they often do. We have some great tech thought leaders on our radar, and are always looking for innovative content to share. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in a collab too!

1. “Learn Best Practices for Developing your mHealth Strategy”
And it all comes full circle… the mHealth webinar was a huge part of our larger company focus on healthcare solutions, which included: some awesome clients, world class partnerships, and an amazing community that is literally changing lives!

What were your favorite tech topics and tweets from this summer? Let us know in the comments.Newsletter5


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