miVEDiX for Android, iOS 8, and Star Trek Consoles

A lot of stuff to cover this week, so let’s get to it!

First, we announced the release of miVEDiX 1.5 for Android.  This is another release in a prolific series of releases, and it highlights our momentum.  The new Android version brings the platform inline with the other iOS releases, and includes a bunch of new features such as visual assets, many of which were customer/client suggestions.  This is terrific news all around.

And speaking of iOS releases, the newest roll out of iOS 8 on September 17th has gone reasonably well for most iOS users, with a few exceptions.  In case you were wondering, miVEDiX developers have been on top of things here in the Grain Tower, and we are ready for iOS 8 with our upcoming October release.

Finally, we talk about visualization a lot in this blog.  I was looking through YouTube the other day and I stumbled some across LCARS videos.  Now, I won’t bore you to death with these details but the LCARS is the proprietary, imagined, universal user interface developed by the writers, artists, and producers for Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Read all about it.


It is a very popular nowadays to look at the past — especially our parent’s and grandparent’s ruminations on the future of technology — and compare those ruminations to what exists today.  The Paleofuture blog exists for this sole purpose, and it is quite an interesting read every time I make my way over there.  What’s interesting about LCARS (and perhaps Star Trek in general) is that it was only just the early 90s where we were dreaming up things like reactive, touch-screen UIs and highly integrated computer systems.  That’s not really that long ago.

Check out some of these videos and compare them to miVEDiX.  It is pretty amazing to me that the principles espoused in a TV show 20+ years ago are making their way into UI/UX design.  As is so often the case, we see art driving design, and fiction driving science.  It makes you really appreciate all those art classes!

Next week, will have a Q&A with one of our miVEDiX Android developers.  Be sure to check it out!newsletter sign up form

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