iVEDiX’s Favorite iOS 7 Features

iVEDiX's Favorite iOS 7 Features

With the rollout of Apple’s new iOS 7, we went around the office to get some opinions. Our team strives to deliver the most creative Business Intelligence (BI) solutions in the world, and so we recieved a wide array of comments that reflect our group’s various interests – design, UI stuff, creative impact, etc.  Here are some of our favorite futuristic features of the new iOS.

Nate Polselli, Business Intelligence Wiz
Live Tiles>
Tiles like those seen on the Surface and many Android devices have made it into iOS7. This feature allows your app screen to act as a living dashboard with information like date and time displayed in real-time on the face of app icons.

Manish Sanwal, Mobile Guru
Control Panel>
Convenience is key, and you can manipulate settings “without coming out of the app,” Manish raves. By simply sliding up the Control Panel, you can manipulate everything from rotation to brightness, to printing,to Airdrop and more.

Mike Annechino, Customer Engagement Pro
App store>
Today’s consumers value every shortcut and timesaver. The new and improved App Store lends to that convenience with automated updates and location intelligence that recommends the most relevant apps to your current location.

Zach Noren, UI/UX Savant
iTunes Radio>
This feature selects the best songs from your personal playlists to create collections you’ll listen to more. Zach also likes that iTunes Radio “offers ads less frequently than Pandora, and doesn’t cost anything extra…”

Manish Sanwal, Mobile Guru
“Siri understands me!” Manish exclaimed. Beyond its new look and sound, Siri’s redesigned interface makes it more responsive to languages and dialects that in previous versions did not compute.

Joey Byun, Creative Genius
“Minimalism and simplicity” is what strikes our creative genius. It’s not any one feature, but an elegant design that entices us to play, experiment, and explore the many new functions and features of iOS 7.

miVEDiX Analytics, Interactionary
Our own creation, miVEDiX Analytics, lets you tap into the true value of your organization’s data. It integrates the data you have into dynamic visualizations that come to life in your hand. If you’d like to learn more about our own mobile innovations visit us at: https://ivedix.com/Mobile

What are your favorite features, or what are you dissatisfied with in the new iOS? Share your comments below.




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