iVEDiX & Gitex: Why we do it

attending gitex technology week

attending gitex technology weekA trade show is a hub of communication, where industry prospectors and pros swarm to harvest value from the new and modern. So, among all the trade shows in all the world, what makes iVEDiX choose the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX)? We do work in the Middle East/North Africa region, but that’s not all there is to it. Each year the city of Dubai welcomes us with the buzz and excitement of thought leaders, industry innovations, corporate influencers, and dynamic clients from a world away. GITEX offers a unique cultural experience and an accelerated environment of revolutionary opportunities. It gives us a chance to:

Be Thought Leaders
Being a thought leader is not something you choose, it’s something you become. The thought leaders at GITEX are distinguished by their innovative technologies. Both established and startup companies alike get their moment in the spotlight. It is an environment where merits are measured by substance and powerful partnership. Each year, iVEDiX keeps pace as a thought leader in the region by showcasing their newest mobile analytics and business intelligence offerings.

Learn from the Industry
At GITEX there are industry pros speaking in Smart Sessions on everything from E-Government to Wearable Technologies, students who have forums to test theories in Mapping Technologies, Mobile Education and more, and leaders of multinational corporations taking the stage to relay industry trends and insights. This place is not your average conference on Big Data or E-commerce – it’s much, much more. The variety of speakers gives companies like iVEDiX the unique opportunity to engage with professionals at every level of expertise, across a wide variety of industries.

Showcase Internationally
Last year‘s GITEX brought together 138,000 information, technology, and communications professionals from 144 countries. This represents 3,500 companies from over 80% of the top ICT brands in the world. Exhibiting alongside these companies not only challenges iVEDiX to build a better brand, but to deliver a better product and user experience.

What iVEDiX has to offer this one-of-a-kind community is a revolutionary mobile application that stands out among the many technologies driving our industry.

This year we’re hoping to schedule meetings with prospective clients and partners to grow our presence in the region. If you’re interested in learning more about iVEDiX, or meeting with us at GITEX, send an email to afantigrossi@ivedix.com or visit us during the show in Hall 6, MAC6-48, Mobile Apps and Content World.

What would you like to know about GITEX? Which of your trade show experience standout among the others?


With a background in consumer electronics and telecom, business intelligence is a new front for exploration in the mist of this marketer’s communications expertise. Ashley has cast a dedicated and ambitious vision for team iVEDiX and it’s strong visual brand, while building relationship with our community, sparking inspiration, and coordinating marketing efforts.

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