iVEDiX Announces Executive Team Expansion

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schoen place grain towerSome more press, coming your way!

This week, we are announcing our executive team expansion. Since we are a relatively small company, personnel wise, it is always exciting for us to bring new members to the team. As Rajesh Kutty, our founder and CEO regularly points out, the strength in iVEDiX’s approach rests on two things: creativity and experience.

The creativity bit we have in spades. And the experience is there, too. But it never hurts to have more: more creative people, more experienced people, more people pushing us towards our vision.

ivedix executive teamSome info on the new folks:

Sean Smith, our new CTO, joins us from VIVA Bahrain, where he was a vital part of growing that company into a market leader in under three years. We are all thrilled to have Sean here, because he brings so much experience, but also because he brings proven leadership ability to our growing organization.

Kunal Tanwar, SVP of Business Development and Strategy, comes to us from ADP, where he worked as the Director of Strategy and Product Development. He brings over 18 years of experience to the role, and will be instrumental in building up our development strategy for miVEDiX.

Ameet Bhattacharya is iVEDiX’s SVP of Channel Enablement, brings over 20 years of experience to the task of expanding our partner and channel strategy, and ensuring we can miVEDiX into the hands of people who are demanding it. Ameet served as Director, vLab Technology at Skillsoft Corporation from 2000 to 2014.

And last but by no means least, Jeff Bohner, iVEDiX’s SVP of Services, has helped to implement large business transformation, Big Data, and technology solutions across a number of verticals, platforms, and industries. His experience is invaluable to building out our services infrastructure and processes, especially as miVEDiX continues to grow into the go-to mobile analytics platform for business users. sign up form

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