Dinner and a Show!

Business Intelligence Maturity Model

On May 13th, we are going to be giving a talk at the CIO Round Table of Western NY’s Dinner Event.  Okay, that sentence is a mouthful.  But we are really doing it. Check out the press release.

The CIO Round Table of WNY is one of those organizations that works at the regional level to promote ideas and excellence in the IT field.  You can read all about them here, but the long and short of it is that they comprise a highly selective group of folks who know their stuff when it comes to IT.

Our presentation will focus on BI and Big Data, which is something that most of the movers and shakers of the IT world already know plenty about.  But the CIO Round Table event is also hosting non-IT professionals, and this is where we can offer the most help.

iVEDiX knows that there is a lot of jargon out there, and a lot of confusion.  Big Data, BI, Mobile Analytics, Visualization . . . it is a lot to take in.  And it is even harder to make sense of if you are a busy professional who has to start incorporating these things into the decision-making process.

We’ve developed things like the Innovation Maturity Model, show below.  With it, we can help demonstrate to folks how their business’s BI plan is advancing (or failing to advance) and what the next steps for them might be.  We are a big believer in using visualization to make a point, so we use this model a lot.

business intelligence maturity

An event like the one the CIO Round Table  is hosting is something that iVEDiX loves. We love being able to explain the ins and outs of Big Data and BI to people who can appreciate what it will do for their organization, and we get a kick out of impressing people with things like miVEDiX.

So for those of you who are attending this event, we look forward to seeing you there!  In the mean time, if you have any questions regarding our topic, let us know. Check out our webpage and come prepared to learn about BI and Big Data in a way that is informative, interesting, and perhaps even fun!

Does your organization work with local or regional professional groups?  If so, what value do you add to their mission?


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