How BI is Improving Corporate Culture

Business People

Business People

Welcome to the decade of BI for the masses. Business Intelligence is no longer the unmanageable spread-mart of the 90s, or the enterprise-wide reporting tool of the 2000s aimed solely at business analysts. Today BI has moved beyond the desktop and into the hands of everyone in the company. Interested in instantly analyzing a massive Excel spreadsheet? There’s an app for that. Looking to create your own ad-hoc report? There’s an app for the as well. Now you may be wondering – ‘This is great, I get it, but how exactly does this improve my corporate culture?’

First and foremost, analytics done right, reduces surprises. If your boss calls you into their office for poor performance, you’re more likely to have seen it coming if you’ve been monitoring your personal KPIs. To the same degree, it helps hold everyone accountable to the same set of standards. If someone is working harder, not only will it show, but managers will be more apt to shell out promotions and bonuses. BI is great at reducing negativity and increasing rewards in the workplace.

One of the largest boosts to morale BI can bring is personal empowerment. With access to on-the-fly and on-demand informatics employees are encouraged to discover bottleneck and room for improvement themselves. Visibility and transparency of work effort promote accountability and credibility. Positive results lead to positive impacts at both personal and corporate levels. Those who feel like they’re making a difference tend to put more heart into the task at hand – whether its raising a child, running to cure a disease, or even their job. This positive feedback loop is infectious to others in the organization and raises morale all over.


Motivated by the pursuit of creative solutions and a passion to lead, motivate and mentor, and to frequently redefine boundaries. Raj has been on the cutting edge of business intelligence for over a decade. With an track record and expertise in managing, designing and deploying enterprise level BI initiatives from scratch, Raj's own personal style can be described as a unique cross-vertical experience in deploying high-end BI.

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