Gitex Stats 2012

Gitex Visitors Graphic

Gitex Visitors GraphicGitex Technology Week brings the promise of world class technologies, ITC professionals and a global presence on a worldwide stage, but what does that mean for an SMB like us.

This will make the second annual GITEX for iVEDiX Inc. During which we hoped to build awareness, relationships and an international business experience for our team. The results are in and we’ve deemed GITEX 2012 a success for our business. Here are some basic stats based on online results, google analytics and an employee survey:

  • iVEDiX saw a year over year improvement in our ITC connections
  • Social media impressions jumped and have maintained increased
    engagement post-conference
  • Google analytics also indicated a number of visits that stabilized
    our website‘s upward traffic since its redesign in August
  • And a year over year improvement in employee satisfaction, and
    perceived success at the conference

and we’re looking forward to more next year… Check out this Infographic from Fatih Yıldız’s post Explore GITEX Technology Week 2012 

Gitex 2012 Infographic











































































With a background in consumer electronics and telecom, business intelligence is a new front for exploration in the mist of this marketer’s communications expertise. Ashley has cast a dedicated and ambitious vision for team iVEDiX and it’s strong visual brand, while building relationship with our community, sparking inspiration, and coordinating marketing efforts.

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