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gitex q&a with ivedixFor this week’s blog post, we reached out to one of our Solutions Architects, Nate Polselli.  As a attendee of GITEX this year, Nate was out front, representing iVEDiX and giving visitors the scoop on our miVEDiX Mobile Business Intelligence platform.  We asked him a few questions, and he was nice enough to share his thoughts. Thanks, Nate!

What were some of iVEDiX’s goals at GITEX this year?

This being our 3rd GITEX, we were looking to solidify our footprint in the region. iVEDiX is now incorporated in Dubai, and having a local presence enables us to do business with many more potential clients.  We conducted a few interviews with some highly talented individuals we hope to add to our operations in the region. We even signed an NDA with a promising retail client right at the show!

As miVEDiX continues to grow and evolve, we’re now able to offer faster turnarounds for custom tailored product demos.  As long as a company is able to provide us with a snapshot of their data, we’re able to create for them an impressive and convincing app.

Can you talk a little about customer engagement?

This is the first GITEX for local Vedic Carol Cooney, and boy what a difference did she make!  Carol’s been living in Dubai for the past 23 years and is very well acquainted with local customs- she even speaks fluent Arabic and some French and Russian too! Every morning started out with coffee, croissants, and dates for visitors to our booth. Having couches this year made the booth much more inviting and created a pressure-free atmosphere in which we could showcase miVEDiX, or just relax and take a load off the olde feet.  This year was great because visitors to GITEX were able to touch and play with miVEDIX right on the spot.

How was GITEX different for iVEDiX this year as compared to previous years?

This year we chose to move our booth out of the USA Pavilion and into the more relevant Mobile Apps & Content section.  Squeezed between Oracle and SAP, we surrounded ourselves with BI-focused exhibitors and visitors.  The quality of leads was much higher, as people around us were more educated in the BI and Data Analytics fields.  Conveniently, Sheikh Mohammed announced a mandate for the U.A.E to push towards mobile technologies in the next year, and he even walked by our booth!  Brian’s [Annechino, iVEDiX Director of Sales and Partnerships, MENA convinced he saw him wink at himself.  This caused droves of visitors to visit our booth, either to inquire about mobile BI technologies or just to learn a little more about the mobile space.

Was there any new technology you saw that you thought was cool/interesting?

Blackberry had a race car with 3 computer monitors in which you could play a racing game. Also, Panasonic had an UHDHDTV (Ultra High-Definition HDTV), something like 4k resolution, whatever that means.  Anyways, whenever we left the conference we had to pass by it and couldn’t help but stop and watch in awe at the incredible scenic images passing before our eyes. It was mesmerizing.  Too bad it cost almost $40,000 USD!  Raj [Kutty, iVEDiX CEO] can’t wait to see miVEDiX running in UUUUUUHD (ultra ultra ultra high def!)

Were you at GITEX? Share your experience with us below.


When he is not focused on preventing the next economic meltdown, he is an avid Business Intelligence and analytical whiz kid. Nate naturally leans towards understanding the business before jumping into carving out a solution. He has an incredible affinity and appetite for BI tools. Caution: His enthusiasm is infectious.

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