Doing the Impossible Just Takes the Right People

Doing the impossible

VishalQuoteIf you’re a part of the iVEDiX community, you’ve probably noticed our surge of recent press releases. From the announcement of Middle East partners to welcoming aboard new executive team members, we’ve heard a lot of information about our impressive growth, but it’s the people that make it all possible. So I took some time to gather quotes that you’ve heard, and those that you haven’t on what employees have to say about working at iVEDiX:

“Since joining iVEDiX, we’ve had tremendous growth. Whether it be our national and global expansions, the explosion of our partner community, or the amazing amount of talent we’ve been able to bring together, the success we’re experiencing cannot go unnoticed. And, what’s behind these successes? An awesome group of people that’s what!” – Ashley Fantigrossi

“Through iVEDiX I learned that business is more than just numbers, it’s people.” – Jim Daily

iVEDiX is not just a company, it’s a collective of unique and highly skilled individuals with contagious enthusiasm. I love working here- not just for the ‘work hard play hard’ atmosphere, but because we’re all truly passionate about what we’re building.  Everyone has an opportunity to contribute, no matter one’s age or background, leading to some remarkably invaluable experiences in my time with iVEDiX.” – Nate Polselli

“It’s kind of fun to do the ‘impossible’.” – Vishal Grover

“I love my job  iVEDiX because there are new challenges and fun everyday. As a 3D animator and artist I have the opportunity to use my computer graphic skills to create marketing materials. Usually requiring a cross functional team to tackle, my jobs force me to continually learn and refine my methods to be a better artist.” – Joey Byun

“It’s great working for an innovative company such as iVEDiX. I am energized by each team member’s passion, perseverance and dedication. Working for a small start up, I have the potential to make a difference every day.” – Anna Mulcahy

“Working at iVEDiX is always rewarding. Developing the best solution for our clients is always a challenge.” – Andrew Hunter-Tate

“Every morning, I look forward to getting up and heading to the office. I enjoy working with the people we have here and our clients. iVEDiX is the place to be as we are continuing to grow and I’m fortunate to be part of this journey.” – Mike Dawoud

“Working at iVEDiX has allowed me to advance my career by working with some of the smartest and most talented I have ever had the pleasure to work with. The projects we work on are on the bleeding edge of technology, this makes them not only challenging but also extremely rewarding.” – Tom Wojciechowski

“We’re a fast paced environment full of A players. Employees have great opportunities to innovate and impact our solution and product offerings. It’s the best hybrid of software development-product company and a start-up, living and breathing the core values the company was founded on 4+ years ago.” – Michael Annechino

“My work and responsibilities at iVEDiX have made me more self-reliant technically as well as professionally. I love to work around the bunch of enthusiastic nerds with a great vision, that helps to keep my momentum up.” – Surbhi Bhardwaj

“Being a part of the iVEDiX team is…like a box of chocolates. One never knows what cool opportunity will pop up next…an HBR dream, where one can directly apply case study lessons learned–or toss them all out the window…to ride a wave along the axis where business intelligence is headed, and have a voice along the way…to work alongside creative, dynamic people in a cross-functional environment; we learn something new from one another every day.” – Seth Burgess

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With a background in consumer electronics and telecom, business intelligence is a new front for exploration in the mist of this marketer’s communications expertise. Ashley has cast a dedicated and ambitious vision for team iVEDiX and it’s strong visual brand, while building relationship with our community, sparking inspiration, and coordinating marketing efforts.

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