Mobile Analytics: Connecting IoT to Humanity

ivedix_industries_blog_success_storyLately, we’ve been posting a lot of content about the Internet of Things and have been receiving questions like,”How is mobile analytics relevant to IoT?” It’s important to recognize that IoT is not a closed loop of hardware like wearables and sensors, or software that collects data and connects machines. IoT value is created by its usefulness to people, and the only way to tap into that value today is analytics.

Today’s data landscape is very complex, and adding IoT data to the mix doesn’t make it any easier. Organizations must stay apprised of their business, customer, and competitor data, while also understanding enough to take action. This is where the term Big Data comes in handy, as we see the volume, velocity, and variety of data take a sharp turn upward, the responsibility for understanding and taking action from this data has been put in the hands of every worker and business user.

Collecting and analyzing Big Data in a comprehensive way for all is a challenge, but its not impossible. By developing platforms that connect users with any data source, visualize correlations across data sets, and empower end-users to take action, we can give everyone access to meaningful data. It’s trends like data visualization, mobile, and analytics that are driving excitement and adoption from users, and making data-based decisions more accessible to those in the field, remote, and on the road.

While facilitating human processes is still a relatively unserviced area of IoT, we believe that analytics can direct a human response if the data is clear and comprehensive. As with machine automation, this concept applied to workers can provide great benefits like: labor, energy, and material savings, and improved quality, accuracy, and precision. Guiding these improvements is a matter of leveraging familiar devices, intuitive tools, and intelligent data to empower your workforce.

These are some general benefits of mobile analytics in IoT, but whether it’s through home automation, medical devices, machines, smart grids, or others, connecting people to their data, is an essential element of the emerging IoT landscape.

What do you think? How does mobile analytics fit into your vision of IoT, or does it at all? Let us know in the comments.Newsletter5


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