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miVEDiX logoiVEDiX formally announced the launch of miVEDiX, the revolutionary mobile product, this past week. Just ahead of our appearance at Gitex Technology Week.

miVEDiX equips professionals world-wide with the confidence and clarity to make business decision based on streams of big and real time data. The app’s semantic layer reports on corporate data via business representations, and seamlessly integrates structured and unstructured data sources. Poised to transform the landscape of mobile BI, miVEDiX also features platform-independent data mining, geospatial intelligence, predictive analytics and advanced data visualizations on demand.

miVEDiX opens a new realm of possibilities for the enterprise. With miVEDiX, retail managers can gain instant insights to product availability and offers without leaving a customer’s side. Alerts can notify telecom executives of profit draining churn, and save time with instant predictive analytics. Healthcare professionals have the potential to transform their cultural DNA with seamless crosswalks between clinical and non-clinical domains with instant process updates. Across the board, miVEDiX is laying the groundwork for BI 2015.

miVEDiX is a force of quality and innovation, a reputation that has led to our recent partnership with VIVA Bahrain, as they implement data, business intelligence and analytical strategies to support their efforts towards increased customer engagement, this is what our CEO Raj Kutty has to say – “Every day the iVEDiX team serves as trusted technology advisors to some of the world’s most progressive and admired organizations. VIVA’s agreement with iVEDiX and the extraordinary support of the EDB [Economic Development Board], have accelerated our plans to establish a presence in the region with an office in Bahrain. VIVA and EDB are two organizations relentlessly committed to providing the very best to the community they serve. We are excited and energized to be able to contribute to their collective vision.”

miVEDiX is proof of  more than a decade of experience developing and deploying intelligent solutions. It offers a full suite of built-in features including: third party integration, interactionary data and on demand user empowerment, but also aims to meet the needs of its clients from data to device.

For more information on miVEDiX and iVEDiX solutions, please visit or contact an iVEDiX representative at

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With a background in consumer electronics and telecom, business intelligence is a new front for exploration in the mist of this marketer’s communications expertise. Ashley has cast a dedicated and ambitious vision for team iVEDiX and it’s strong visual brand, while building relationship with our community, sparking inspiration, and coordinating marketing efforts.

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