Improving Lives in Africa with Innovative Data Technology

The Data for Development in Africa conference is taking place today and tomorrow in Nairobi, Kenya bringing together African leaders, UN representatives, data technology companies, and other stakeholders to discuss how innovative data technology can improve the lives of African citizens. The conference will focus on the development and strengthening of data infrastructure to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) spearheaded by the U.N. and how outcomes in different sectors can be driven by data partnerships.

Among the events at the conference is a showcase featuring 23 innovative data solutions that are helping one or more regions of Africa strengthen data infrastructure, implement or monitor the SDGs, and achieve other data-related initiatives. Hundreds of companies submitted applications outlining how their innovative data technology is making a difference in the lives and livelihoods of many African citizens.

We are very excited to be one of the 23 companies selected to showcase our innovative data solution, the “Situation Room,” at the conference. High-level attendees, many of whom are looking to implement innovative data technology in their African territories or organizations, will be able to see a live demo of the Situation Room and see our best practices when it comes to health data.

Sustainable Development Goal
Sustainable Development Goal- Good Health and Well-Being

Fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa with the Situation Room

The Situation Room is an interactive digital platform that makes it possible for countries to gain access to vast amounts of real-time and historical data. The platform also allows countries to monitor, collaborate, and leverage critical indicators, and at a national, regional, or local level. The platform can be integrated seamlessly with existing data infrastructures, and it provides multiple stakeholders at all levels access to data-driven visualizations, reports, and insights.   

In cooperation with UNAIDS and the Kenya National AIDS Control Council (NACC), we ran a successful pilot program in Kenya of our HIV Situation Room. The pilot program began in mid-2015 with the launch of the Kenya HIV Situation Room, a platform specifically designed to leverage data for monitoring HIV/AIDS and other targets under SDG3 (good health and well-being). The platform also tracks global targets and national plans, and within Kenya, it has demonstrated the potential to address not only HIV/AIDS but also other issues related to public health.

Improving Lives in Kenya with Data Technology

Before the launch of the Kenya HIV Situation Room, the government of Kenya monitored HIV/AIDS targets under SDG3 using data from numerous disparate systems. The data in these systems are in silos making it difficult to get a complete picture.  The command center was also the place where officials managed HIV testing services, treatment, and drug inventory levels. The HIV Situation Room made it possible for the Kenyan government to perform all the functions of their command center remotely. The Situation Room also made it possible for data from multiple systems to be accessed, transferred, and visualized maximizing their capabilities to leverage data for decision making. Now HIV/AIDS indicators can be easily monitored and measured at the national, county, and local levels.

The Kenya HIV Situation Room has helped strengthen the data infrastructure in the country of Kenya by significantly increasing data quality, improving geocoding accuracy, and refining key indicators related to HIV/AIDS treatment, testing, and drug inventory. The platform has also helped health officials keep better track of antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) medicine inventory levels ensuring HIV/AIDS patients receive the medicine they need thus improving the lives of Kenyans, many of which HIV/AIDS is a significant aspect of their lives.

For more information about how data innovation can help improve lives in Africa, visit the official Data for Development in Africa (#AFDATA17) conference website.

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