Achieving Better Outcomes in Government Analytics

achieving better outcomes through government analytics

achieving better outcomes through government analytics

InformationWeek recently shared IBM’s latest white paper on Business Analytics for Government. Click here to download the complete white paper. The original white paper includes examples for building safer communities, strengthening national security and defense, and managing resources effectively, but in this post, we’ll review the leading insights from the white paper on improving citizen and business services.

Improve Citizen and Business Servies
Citizens demand high levels of services. With recent economic conditions, however, all levels of government are struggling to deliver the optimal level of service to citizens—and in a way that is cost effective. As a result of siloed compliance initiatives, difficulty maintaining audit trails, disparate and inconsistent information across agencies and the inability to link operational metrics to mission goals or strategic measures of success, government departments also lack the insight needed to improve services.

Your organization can use business analytics to gain insight into mission critical questions, such as:

  • How can we provide the services citizens need most, when they need them?
  • Are the programs we fund meeting measurable outcomes?
  • How can we use data to better understand the needs of our citizens?

Two solutions to help your department match programs to citizen demands, become operationally efficient and deliver uninterrupted and improved services include: citizen services analytics and program performance analytics.

Citizen services analytics
With citizen services analytics, you can predict and target the needs of citizens more accurately, and match programs and resources to meet the highest-priority citizen needs. In addition, your organization can position resources to focus on high-priority service areas, and then automate processes for more efficient and effective service delivery.

Within the solution, dashboards show a single, complete view of goals and performance, allowing you to manage and reduce risk by identifying issues early. Operational efficiency is improved with timely access to accurate information when and where it’s needed.

Program performance analytics
Deliver a strategic view of programs and budgets from the top level of government to the agency staff level with program performance analytics. Business Analytics solutions for program performance help ensure that your organization’s programs and services meet the goals intended.

Immediate and easy access to consistent information lets
staff conduct comparative analysis, perform ad-hoc queries and better gauge overall performance. Departments and agencies can also improve financial and operational governance, reduce risk and increase compliance with intergovernmental reporting requirements.

As a result, government organizations can make more timely decisions, improve accountability and strengthen financial performance.

What are you looking to get from your analytics? What unique advancements has your organization been able to make with analytics?





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