5 Technologies Making a Buzz at Gitex Technology Week 2012

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mobile app imageAs the iVEDiX sales team and product experts work their magic at the booth, we’re also skimming blogs and twitter feeds to see what technology is making a stir outside of our Gitex booth.

5) Peer-to-Peer Applications
Of coarse miVEDiX is our pick among connected B2B apps, but innovations like these are seriously stealing the spotlight at Gitex. Kavitha Rajasekhar (@CXOConnectME) elaborates on how peer-to-peer mobile apps, are making an impact at the 2012 conference and in the Middle East.

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4) Ford Driver Wellness
 comments, “Anything that prevents accidents is aces and Ford’s new technology monitors the driver for preventing any potential mishaps. All cars should be equipped with something like this.” See more of Abbas’ picks in the original article

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3) Intel NAO Robot Performance
Kapil Bhatia (@Kapilkb) raves that Intel’s NAO Robots are among the Things you must not miss at Gitex 2012. Powered by Intel® Atom™ Technology see them performing live in this YouTube video.


2) OLED TV from LG
With a show full of the world most innovative technologies, it’s no surprise that a consumer home electronic made the list. The latest OLED TV from LG has some fierce features that make it a buzz-worthy item. Check out the review from CNET below:

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1) SMS Audio
With 50 cent’s endorsement, it’s easy to see why the personal audio company is getting so much coverage. “‘Walking through GITEX is like walking through the future,” said hip hop megastar and entrepreneur 50 Cent … as he presided over one GITEX Technology Week’s most star-studded launches to announce his partnership with UAE-based Shift…’, read more on Facebook

 sms conference with 50 cent










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