Workplace Distance Control and Monitoring

Kickstart and Reimagine

CDC Guidelines and Reimagining Processes at Work

Combining the power of OMNI ID’s Sense IoT devices with the pinpoint accuracy of Quuppa location techniques and the stunning visualization and real-time analytics capabilities of iVEDiX to create the most effective staff monitoring, distance measuring, and warning system.

Ensuring staff safety, controlling the spread of infection, and keeping your business facility open.


The urgency of NOW and the COST of failure

Helping your facility REOPEN and STAY OPEN
– Keeping facilities closed imply lost opportunities, revenue, and mushrooming costs
– Preventing Outbreaks and manageability of response is key to staying open responsibly
– Keeping outbreaks isolated implies having a mechanism to identify and inform infected personnel.
– Being able to react and respond in real-time is critical
– Invest in technology that outlasts the outbreak.

Mitigate LEGAL Exposure
– Contact Tracing choosing the right technology
– Continuous Monitoring
– Protect against violations of CDC guidelines and Safety mandates (patterns vs incidents)
– Maintain Compliance and Certification records
– Transparency: Audit trail with movement, activity, & testing history


Beyond COVID: Outlasting the outbreak

1. DIGITAL vs PHYSICAL: Monitor and Manage assets (people and products) from anywhere
2. Automate and digitize workflows and future proof work processes including clean space management.
3. Real-time notifications from workflows and process violations/exceptions mean real-time response
4. Proactive management: Inventory, maintenance supply chain, certification, and process
5. Utilization patterns (People, Process, Equipment, and Facilities)
6. Configure to your business so set your own rules in addition to what is legally mandated
7. Analytics: At a glance view of everything movement, metrics, history, analysis, 3 rd party integrations, and more.
8. Management by Exception: Drive decisions based on signals from the data using AI rules and
9. Compliance and Regulatory mandates are proactively enforced
10. DIGITIZATION: Future-proofing your investment

One Platform


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  • Track and Trace movement
  • Pinpoint Location by zone
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Real-time notifications
  • Operational and Command Center Dashboards (mobile-enabled)

Operationalize Now

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About the Device

Wear it, Hang it or Clip it.

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  • The device transmits BLE positioning packets and is equipped with sensors
  • Outfitted with LEDs and Buzzer to provide both visual and sound cues
  • Equipped with a button that can be used in case of emergencies to request assistance
  • All the sensors and alert triggers are configurable
  • The device equipped with a bi-directional communication channel
  • Constant exchange of data once activated
  • Data is encrypted, secure, and accessible only by authorized personnel within an organization.

About the Device

An Inside Look

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About the Device

Features and Functionality

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How it works

Device to Dashboard

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Advanced antennas (locators) measure the direction of a radio signal transmitted by the device. The positioning engine computes the signals from the device using advanced algorithms and transmits the position to the edge service. The service captures the stream, applies the rules, triggers flags, alarms, and/or notifies where warranted, stores, aggregates, ‘dimensionalize’, and visualizes the data, in real-time.

The Difference

ACCURACY : us vs them (RSSI)

  1. Most solutions being developed using either smartphones or alternative wearable technologies are based on RSSI
  2. Accuracy of RSSI distance measurements is limited by factors such as:
    – Location of the phone (in pocket or bag, etc
    – Orientation of users related to location of the phone (person has a phone in a back pocket; the adjacent person is 1m in front, the signal has to propagate through the human body and will be attenuated)
    – Orientation of signals sent and received by the devices relative to each other heavy metal environment will cause reflections and multipath effect
  3. RSSI solutions are easy and low cost to roll out as smartphone ownership increases and are useful back up to general contact tracing resource, but accuracy can not be relied upon in critical workplace distancing and monitoring scenarios.
  4. Sense IOT LOCATE Shield (our device) solution uses advanced antenna arrays located in gateway infrastructure which provide highly accurate real-time position data based on signal ‘Angle of Arrival’ technology.