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@iVEDiX we follow, contribute, and collaborate with some of the most forward thinking people in business intelligence. Every day they share insights about our field, or industry, and or passions. Here are the top ten business intelligence retweets of last month, in case you missed them:

10. #BigData Supports Superstorm Sandy Relieft Efforts
via @InformationWeek

9. Three Mistakes To Avoid In Your #BusinessIntelligence Projects
via @SQLServer

8. #BI is evolving so fast, when might we expect live feeds from voters in an #Election? Now THATS #BigData
via @HowardDresner

7. #BigData The Management Revolution. via @HBR

6. A smarter approach to #BigData w/ Intel’s @TimIntel – Catch the #IBMIOD recap:
via @intelits

5. How will #BigData evolve? @Idignan share his thoughts on how the #BigData revolution may play out
via @teradata

4. #BigData Education: 3 Steps Universities Must Take
via @informationweek

3. #BigData #Analytics and the Economics of Organized Violence
via @ParAccel

2. Sullenburg to Keynote Gartner Data Center Conference – Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger
via @pdipao

 1.Cloud predictions for 2013: Weill we finally Get Real about Cloud?
via @Forrester

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