The POWER of a Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s no longer a question of whether or not marketing for mobile devices is important. At iVEDiX we are empowered by the latest ads and analytics in addition to innovations designed to grow our business in a mobile-first world. The question now is how can we fully leverage our mobile statistics?

Since companies like Smart Insights and comScore exist, as a result understanding mobile statistics becomes a lot easier. Developing a mobile marketing strategy has become essential to success.

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iVEDiX has a focus on creating the best user experience for our customers and partners. Therefore, our miVEDiX mobile analytics platform creates an awesome user experience. When reaching out to our potential customers we want to understand their search behavior.

According to our SEO analyst over 70% of iVEDiX search traffic actually comes from mobile devices. Due to this fact let us tell you why this statistic is so important.

What does iVEDiX want to know about the latest Mobile Statistics?

1. Time spent using mobile media

time spent

According to KPCB mobile technology trends time spent on mobile devices in the US have grown significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop at (42%). Mobile experience has become more important in today’s markets. Consumers just can’t keep their eyes off vertical screens these days.

screen orientation

2. Percentage of Customers Using Mobile Devices

The most popular devices used to search the internet are becoming mobile devices. Don’t forget with the rise of technology things like smart TV’s and Smartwatches are becoming more popular as well. Check out this info-graphic by Global Web Index.
Popular devices

3. How many website visits are on mobile vs desktop devices?

Although the use of mobile devices is growing, the use of desktop computers still have a strong presence. Data from Adobe’s latest Digital Index shows that in all industries the majority of visits are still on desktop. For iVEDiX, having a responsive design for our website is equally important.

opportunity gap

At iVEDiX we don’t want our desktop experience to be degraded so we keep an adaptive web design. We want our layout and content to be tailored for desktop, tablet and smartphone screen dimensions.

4. How important are mobile ads?

E-marketer suggest that advertisers respond and respond quickly to the growth of mobile media. The chart provided by e-marketer highlights the GAP of opportunity for mobile advertising.

ad growth However, this graph was from data in 2014. E-marketer posted another chart in 2015 with future projections showing the quick response by advertisers. Mobile Ad spending accounted for close to 50% of Digital Ad spending.

Ad Spend According to the chart above mobile is the future, and within 3 years it will come to dominate digital ad spending.In a nutshell iVEDiX has been able to maintain a strong mobile presence with proper optimization and configuration on a day to day basis.

iVEDiX is growing and serves as one of the leading mobile analytic providers. Check out miVEDiX mobile analytics platform today at

Check out Google’s keynote speech here at the #GoogleSummit on the future of Mobile Devices.

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