We here at iVEDiX love infographics, so to show our gratitude for them, our marketing team put together a really great picture of what our recent trip to GITEX looked like.

As you can see, we did phenomenal!  So in the spirit of being thankful for things, we’d like to say “Thanks!” to everyone at iVEDiX who made our GITEX exhibition the tremendous success that it was: the people at the booth, the support teams, the stellar direction from our management folks, and the helpful people at the Dubai World Trade Center.  You were all an indispensable part of the project, and everyone really pulled together at the end despite some bumpy stretches in the road.  Like most things in life, it is easy to do things well when there is nothing wrong.  When problems rear their ugly, multifaceted heads, the true strength of your team is revealed.

So thanks again to our customers, clients, partners, and friends.  Stay safe this holiday season!

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