Radiant Advisors Releases New Brief of the miVEDiX Platform

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Radiant Advisors, a firm specializing in business intelligence research and advisory, recently released their newest brief on the “mobile-first” platform miVEDiX.

miVEDiX is a mobile platform that integrates multiple backend technologies, databases, and operating systems to create an interactive, user-driven, mobile experience. Parent company iVEDiX uses forward thinking design principles to develop usability and functionality that is easy-to-use and extensible across: Healthcare, Retail, Business Services, and more.

In Tuesday’s brief, Radiant Advisors took the time to evaluate the miVEDiX platform and its ability to satisfy current market demands surrounding visual discovery. The brief found several outstanding benefits to the product which include:

  1. Uniquely combined abilities to identify, configure, and visualize in an interactive, mobile-first solution
  2. Write-back capabilities via the device for an engaging and collaborative mobile environment
  3. Collapsed layers of infrastructure translate to lower TCO and reduced demands on IT
  4. Selectively chosen partners to build a network of business partners with IT-specific knowledge

Among these differentiators, write-back has seen particular success in the Healthcare space and will be a large focus of the company’s presentations at the MedAssets Healthcare Business Summit  wrapping up this evening; and HIMSS15 next week.

To read Radiant Advisor’s full brief visit:

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