Mobile Analytics Reinventing EMRs

Mobile Analytics & Electronic Medical Records

As EMRs become an essential part of patient-centered care, we find value in their ability to accelerate workflows, improve tracking, and optimize patient-centered care. So, why are providers still struggling with adoption? Some companies believe it’s because EMRs still leave a lot to be desired around interface and data usability. At iVEDiX, we focus on EMRs from the outside in – creating an extraordinary experience. By focusing on the push and pull of patient information, we encourage adoption among clinicians and patients.

Sharing Knowledge at Health 2.0

During this month’s Health 2.0 conference, iVEDiX will be speaking on the “Reimagining the EMR Experience” panel. During the event, iVEDiX’s SVP of Healthcare – Ameet Bhattacharya – will discuss our best practices for transforming EMRs.

ameet-bhattacharya-300x288“Many healthcare professionals are frustrated with the current state of EMRs, believing they are neither intuitive nor useful. Clinicians require patient data from more than one EMR, and other sources, to glean a 360-degree view of their patient. Layering a mobile analytics solution like iVEDiX onto multiple data sources provides a user-friendly solution that will revolutionize the user’s ability to interact with a patient and improve the quality of care that’s provided.”

Innovative technologies from all sectors are helping to drastically improve interaction between providers and EMRs. We’ve found, adapting to a clinician’s workflow allows physicians to spend more quality time with patients and see more patients than ever before. Bhattacharya will also be showing a demonstration, in true Health 2.0 fashion, a TED-style demonstration of our mobile analytics platform. Visitors to our booth will see first-hand the impact mobile is having on improving usability and efficiency of physician workflows, patient experiences, and quality of care.


“Reimagining the EMR Experience”
11:45AM Wednesday, September 28
Ballroom B, Santa Clara Convention Center

Let us know if you’ll be there in the comments section, or visit us at booth #707!


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