Data Linking Sustainable Development Goals

Nearly a decade ago, the “largest gathering of world leaders in history,” came together for the 2005 World Summit in New York City. There, they discussed issues of economic development, security, human rights, and reform of the United Nations (UN). Leaders came away with several initiatives coined “Millennium Development Goals” and pledged to target these areas over the coming years. One of these goals was to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases.

With over 39 million people having died from AIDS, the United Nations and its member nations are urgently seeking solutions to help end this epidemic. So, in treatment data goalsSeptember 2015, the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS partnered with the Republic of Kenya to launch a mobile HIV Situation Room. The solution selected was to provide an aggregation of global data, remote access to reports, and collaborative tools to enhance the HIV/AIDS response. Their Organization’s tool of choice was miVEDiX.

This June, world leaders will meet again during the 2016 High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS to report on their progress in combating this disease. At this gathering, leaders will provide concise and action-oriented declarations around their progress and outcomes through comprehensive and analytical reports, as well as findings that may help other countries identify and overcome their remaining challenges.

Our vision at iVEDiX is to continue working with UNAIDS and its member nations to further refine targets, analysis, and global monitoring based on the insights at this meeting. So, we can continue to use the power of miVEDiX to turn the tide in our fight against AIDS.

Here’s a look a the major implications of using data for social change:


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