iVEDiX Partners with TechAccess

If you haven’t done so, check out our recent press release.  This is big news for iVEDiX, and it is practically impossible for me to oversell it, but here goes nothin’.

Recently, we have partnered with TechAccess to start distributing miVEDiX in the Middle East/North Africa region.  This is a huge deal for iVEDiX, because TechAccess is a massively successful company in the region and they have a terrific model for distribution, support, and working with additional resellers to make the magic happen.


From the release:

Chris Cornelius, Senior Vice President of Sales and Support for TechAccess shared his enthusiasm for this new venture and added; “This is our first step into distribution of BI applications, and in doing so we have embarked on an internal proof of concept by installing miVEDIX at TechAccess as a front-end to our internal BI system. Having this BI platform at our fingertips enriches our conversations with our partners, which translates into more meaningful relationships. TechAccess is now going to enable selected reselling partners to take miVEDIX to market, and empower the vast amount of customers who need mobile BI at their fingertips”.

And that’s it, in a nutshell.  TechAccess is now on deck to put miVEDiX in the hands of customers who are clamoring for a great mobile BI platform.  This partnership is sure to benefit all parties involved, including the people who are going to get a terrific product in miVEDiX.

If you’re interest in becoming an iVEDiX Partner, please visit: https://ivedix.com/company/partners.php sign up form

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