iVEDiX and Solea Partner to Bring Mobile Analytics to More Users

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solea logo colorWe seem to be going crazy with the partnerships lately, I know!  We’re knocking it out of the park.  But we’re thrilled, obviously, because we’re growing.  miVEDiX is making it into the hands of more users, and more partners who can expand the reach of our platform.  Read the press release here:

iVEDiX, a premier business intelligence and mobile analytics solutions provider based in Pittsford, NY, is announcing a new partnership with Solea Software Solutions. As a provider of strategically-aligned business intelligence and data warehouse solutions, Solea has partnered with iVEDiX to broaden the implementation reach of miVEDiX, iVEDiX’s mobile analytics platform. In return, Solea adds miVEDiX to their array of products and services on offer to customers and clients — specifically, those who need a powerful mobile BI solution.

Solea Software Solutions provides a wide array of BI and Data Warehousing solutions to their clients, so providing them with a platform like miVEDiX really fits into the pipeline of products and services they offer.  A lot of organizations have a gap in their BI and analytics strategies because they do not have a robust mobile solution, which makes miVEDiX a particularly attractive option, since it can utilize existing infrastructure to provide mobile access to data.

Solea has a lot of experience when it comes to implementation, so they will be on deck to help us spread miVEDiX across more geographic locations.  We are really looking forward to working with them!


Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, we are happy to announce that our visit to the Microsoft World Partner conference was a smashing success.  Our team is headed back to headquarters today, and hopefully we’ll have some great information to share later in the week.  Look for it! sign up form

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