iVEDiX and Microsoft Technology

We talk a lot about miVEDiX’s “technology-agnostic” approach to mobile business intelligence, because it is at the core of why miVEDiX is so revolutionary.  It is an interactive and highly visual platform, sure, but what makes it so universally applicable is the fact that it can work in tandem with an existing solution.  This is one of our key differentiators, and why business people find the prospect of it so exciting.  Mobile BI without having to revamp my current infrastructure?  Sign me up!


And since we are attending the Microsoft World Partner Conference this July (13th – 17th, in Washington, DC) we are really focused on showing people how miVEDiX can seamlessly integrate with existing Microsoft technology.  Microsoft presents an incredible array of tools and platforms that empower businesses to use and consume data to better their decision-making.  miVEDiX technology can integrate with:

  •  SQL Server
  • the .NET platform
  • SSAS,
  • Analytics Platform System

So part of the reason we are going to the WPC is to toot our own horn about how terrific miVEDiX really is, about how you can use it and not have to worry about building a new infrastructure, or revamping the one you have.  This is a tremendous advantage, as the huge expectations for mobile business intelligence will only continue to grow.

If you are going to be at the World Partner Conference, come look us up!  This year, our booth is located near the Commons Theater.  Take a look at the map below, and maybe we will see you around.

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