iVEDiX and ITEN Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

That’s right — everyone’s favorite kind of blog post! iVEDiX has solidified another terrific partnership with ITEN, a Portuguese IT firm that specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions to regional customers.  iVEDiX is looking forward to benefiting from their distribution network, while ITEN now has another product to offer their clients — miVEDiX.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for us,” said Brian Annechino, iVEDiX’s Director of Sales & Partnerships. “ITEN is a terrific company with a very strong presence in the region. Since they specialize in providing customized IT solutions, miVEDiX is a natural fit. They will now have a tried-and-true, highly configurable mobile platform to offer their customers that is unlike anything else currently on the market.”

There is a lot of excitement in the air over this recent partnership, mostly because it is our first to penetrate the European region.  If you want some more information, check out the above link!


It bears noting here that we’ve been going strong with the partnerships for a while now, but that’s because the national and international response to miVEDiX has been incredible. These partnerships are not only vital to our success, they’re the avenue through which we put miVEDiX into users’ hands.

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