iVEDiX and Inergex: The “I”s Have It!

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Inergex Logo ColorWe made a recent press release regarding our new partnership with Inergex. Read all about it, there are some good quotes in there:

DeSarra also added, “The iVEDiX strategy of mobile first, starting with the form factor and visualization, is exactly where the market is going. Coupled with our business intelligence offerings, miVEDiX will enable us to offer our clients even more advance data analytics and reporting solutions to improve the way employees work and collaborate, as well as engage and service customers.”

Glowing praise!  This leads into one of the unique things about what we are doing here, in that our focus on getting to the mobile platform first has been a tremendous advantage. But it might make you wonder — why would a company like Inergex offer another platform as part of their collection of products and services?

The bottom line is, most BI initiatives do not focus on mobile.   We see this everyday.  There is a reason why miVEDiX is being included in BI Solutions to customers and partners along side other, more traditional offerings, and that is because there is a huge gap between these two spheres of BI and analytics.  There are several good desktop analytics solutions out there, but nobody has cracked the code for mobile yet. Companies just repackage their desktop programs in mobile-friendly wrapping, but they aren’t dealing with the complexities of what true mobility can offer.

miVEDiX — being the only real game in town for true mobile BI analytics, built from the ground up with mobility in mind — is the perfect complement to these existing services.  And in many cases, miVEDiX serves as a perfect solution for all of a company’s BI and analytics needs.

So that’s why we’re happy to announce a partnership with Inergex. They are one more company that “gets it.”  They understand that a comprehensive BI and analytics solution is the one that includes a mobile approach. sign up form

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