Improving Patient Care: HIMSS15 Highlights

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Steve Lieber, President and CEO of HIMSS, is responsible for leading the global community of healthcare professionals to better technology. Lieber and HIMSS are able to accomplish this by providing exchange opportunities for healthcare providers to share their knowledge, successes, and best practices for HIT.

Lieber believes in emphasizing a “continuum of care” that is made up of three consistent healthcare obstacles that arise anywhere in the world: cost, quality, and access. In order to improve our ability to address these challenges, HIMSS coordinates their exchanges and events around identifying the value of IT tools, establishing the skills to replicate tech implementations, and providing resources to continuously improve these processes.

At this year’s HIMSS15, iVEDiX was pleased to exhibit with their partner Actian, and host daily seminars on improving patient care through mobility. Through our mobile product, miVEDiX, we have been able to create solutions for challenges like: Physician Rounding, Staff Optimization, and Population Analytics. Check out this SlideShare to see what specifications are required for these use-case implementations:

If you’re interested in learning more about out healthcare use-cases, you can visit our website.
Or if there is there a use-case you’d like us to add? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll share our thoughts.

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