Breaking the Limits of Clinical Medicine

Breaking the limits

Emobile companiesarlier today Bill Bunting, Director of Healthcare Solutions at EMC, shared a study on patient experience conducted by General Electric Health Camden Group. The study found a profound gap between customer expectations and provider priorities. Obstacles like subjective performance standards, competing priorities, and a general lack of consumer knowledge have put today’s healthcare systems on a dangerous path.

Today’s most influential brands, like Uber, Zappos, Starbucks, and Square, have evolved through innovation in mobility – a principle extending to every industry. The power of technology partnerships within healthcare is healthcare providers’ best chance at surviving this fundamental shift. Below is a transcript of the video above, where one physician talks about the tremendous impact mobile health has had on his ability to deliver better patient care:

My nurse practitioner and I make rounds here once a week. We have approximately seven hemodialysis patients and twenty parental dialysis patients. We also have some nocturnal and center patients that we round on as well.

Historically the physician-patient relationship was devoid of technology, and with the advent of electronic health records (EHRs) we’ve had to use technology in the form of a desktop, or a laptop. And, it does detract from my relationship with the patients and it also makes the rounding process much less efficient when we have several shifts of patients to see on a given day.

I think that the development of the app has revolutionized my ability to interact with the patient with less intrusion of technology while at the same time using technology to improve my care for the patient. The app gives me ready availability to their data and also allows me to navigate the data, and generate a note in a very efficient manner, without interfering with my relationship with the patient.

Healthcare organizations can struggle through the digital shift and play catch-up to innovate their own technologies, or they can partner with organizations like iVEDiX, who are experienced in data and mobile, to quickly deliver solutions that patients and clinicians benefit from. When you have great experiences it leads to engagement, which leads to quality, value, and outcomes. And, at the end of the day, that’s a priority for everyone.

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