That’s the distinct advantage of finding the right partners to complement what we do. Strong collaborators. Experts across disciplines. People who recognize the underlying humanity that drives technology.


Every partner relationship is unique. And the requirements for each partnership depend on the nature of the work. For some, we look at a potential partner’s ability to scale in their region. Their ability to deliver on their commitments. The ease of working with them. And for some types of partners, iVEDiX has specific training and certification requirements.


iVEDiX is a growing brand and we’ve earned a reputation for creating an extraordinarily human way to work. Our partners experience extraordinary benefits when they work with us. From higher revenue to happier customers. We work closely with our partners, offering training, web conferences, and dedicated staff who stay connected to you. And we provide a range of tools to help you take full advantage of your partnership with us. Presentations. ROI models. And resources.
Let’s talk partnership.