The organizations we partner with span a variety of disciplines and regions, and help us offer an extraordinary experience to people and organizations around the globe. iVEDiX partners benefit from opportunities to grow their business and revenue while they serve people better. And our customers are able to choose trusted partners that can help them reach their goals—and get more value out of their living data and the iVEDiX platform that transforms it.

Partner Programs


Want to offer your customers the whole package? Companies that deliver services like business intelligence often turn to iVEDiX as a complement to their core offering, providing them with a mobile, visually stunning way for their customers to take full advantage of their services.


Perhaps you have a brilliant technology to offer the marketplace, but are looking for a front end to that’s elegant and polished enough to be worthy of the underlying technology you’ve created. iVEDiX offers OEMs a way to deliver a complete solution to customers—including an irresistible user experience embedded within their own analytics and their own brand.


No single company is good at everything. At iVEDiX, we concentrate on where we truly shine, then partner with other organizations that have mastered their own fields of expertise. From cloud computing to complementary software to industry-specific backend systems such as EMRs, these partners help us give you the best of all worlds.


Are you a seasoned businessperson with a contact list teeming with professionals who could benefit from iVEDiX? Our referral partners help iVEDiX with one of the most important forms of networking in business—the human kind. And we compensate these partners for connecting us to those potential customers.

Systems Integrator

When it’s time to scale up for a customer and execute a flawless implementation, iVEDiX teams up with some of the brightest consultants in the business. As seamless extensions of our core team, they help us orchestrate new projects, bringing every component and subsystem together. Systems integrators make life easier for our customers—and us. And they help iVEDiX learn, grow, and evolve with every new endeavor.

From shared values comes mutual benefit.


Every partner relationship is unique. And the requirements for each partnership depend on the nature of the work. For some, we look at a potential partner’s ability to scale in their region. Their ability to deliver on their commitments. The ease of working with them. And for some types of partners, iVEDiX has specific training and certification requirements.


iVEDiX is a growing brand and we’ve earned a reputation for creating an extraordinarily human way to work. Our partners experience extraordinary benefits when they work with us. From higher revenue to happier customers. We work closely with our partners, offering training, web conferences, and dedicated staff who stay connected to you. And we provide a range of tools to help you take full advantage of your partnership with us. Presentations. ROI models. And resources.

Let’s talk partnership.

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