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iVEDiX is seeking Business Intelligence Consultants to work with a collaborative team doing cutting-edge software work.

What does iVEDiX do?  It is on the leading edge of the emerging Digital Business Platform space, a combination of Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, AI, and more.

How do you fit in?  The teams within iVEDiX are cross-functional. The BI Consultant will be supported by talented data gurus and project managers. They collaborate to design and build end-to-end business intelligence and IoT solutions with our customers.

Who are our customers?  iVEDiX has worked with some of the largest and most innovative companies across the globe, in industries from healthcare and retail, to telecom, public service, and manufacturing.  Every project is unique.  At iVEDiX, the BI Consultant will be exposed to diverse experiences, in many fields, domestically and internationally.

Details of the Job:

The iVEDiX Business Intelligence Consultant will design and build reporting, IoT, and analytical applications.  They will be responsible for working closely with an iVEDiX Data Architect and Project Manager to develop a suitable project plan that meets the client’s needs.  The BI Consultant will intimately understand a client’s business requirements and will become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for that particular area or industry.

Specific Skills:

The ideal candidate understands Relational DBMS, OLAP engines (cubes), SQL and MDX Languages, and will have experience working with these tools.  The BI Consultant will possess not just an ability to analytically dissect and resolve technical issues but will epitomize the ‘can-do’ spirit; a technical aptitude, while important, must be punctuated with business acumen. She must be comfortable accepting responsibility, adept at engaging folks who represent all facets of the corporate spectrum and have the supreme confidence of being a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to customers.

All aspects of projects from concept to delivery entail intense requirements gathering, interpreting business needs, the ability to translate that to the end product, and testing and managing the deployment of the application. This position necessitates excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills and an ability to quickly assess problems and determine proper steps to resolution. A strong understanding of data structures, design patterns, and architecture patterns is also essential.

In addition to the above, the candidate for the BI Consultant position will:

  • Be open to cutting-edge technologies – IoT, AI, Mobility, Low-Code Platforms, etc.
  • Conduct assessments of clients’ requirements (technical and business) and document these requirements in the form of proposals or solution roadmaps.
  • Possess the ability to lead interviews of both technical and business personnel, to capture requirements and translate them into technical development specifications. Skilled communication skills are a necessity.
  • Build applications and analytical reporting on the iVEDiX Platform and demonstrate a service-oriented attitude for real-time business needs.
  • Have an Analytical mind and ability to take data to the next level.
  • Have experience providing advice and guidance on data approaches and solutions.
  • Possess a natural sense of urgency.


  • The candidate will have at least a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Field of study: Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Business with MIS Focus or other related areas.
  • Exposure to Business Intelligence solutions, or equivalent educational experience.
  • 2+ years of experience using data structures such as highly normalized data models, and Star/Snowflake Schemas, or equivalent educational experience.
  • SQL comfort and relational database
  • Legally authorized to work in the US.


iVEDiX is located in scenic Pittsford NY, right alongside the beautiful Erie Canal.  Aside from being part of an extraordinary team and providing a fun, dynamic work environment, we proudly offer the following:

  • A highly competitive salary, with plenty of room to grow as iVEDiX expands
  • Competitive Health, Dental, and Vision insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account and 401k
  • 3 weeks paid time off
  • A culturally diverse workforce
  • Encouragement and free time to work on community engagement projects outside of your job

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