iVEDiX’s Digital Platform leverages IoT-enabled devices and systems to improve your manufacturing processes. It’s about creating more efficient, smarter, and safer plant floor environments, all in a single pane of glass. Look at what’s happening on individual lines, facilities, regions, or across the whole company. You’re meant to be able to react to what’s going on in real-time, but also to make decisions based on history. Analytics isn’t enough: The key is being able to react. Tag | Track | Act.

Power-Up Your IoT

Enterprise Asset Management is Digital Transformation in action. You need to know where your assets are right now.

Improve Cost Savings

Your IoT initiative is about saving time, improving margins, and keeping your assets safe. Track your assets and change their workflows... all in a simple interface.

Enable Workflow

Tie together your systems with Workflow. Digital Transformation is about taking action. Commission tags, change their properties, set the workflow... transform your business.

Visualizing IoT data in real time and in aggregation, then marrying that granular detail with your over-arching business goals…that’s the power of iVEDiX. The value is in tying your Workflow together. It’s digital transformation in action, from the shop floor to the C-Suite.

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