When tight margins are the rule, every penny counts.

Every customer, too.

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Digitization is changing the face of retail today. Companies that are unable to embrace digital technologies and adopt a digital transformation strategy are being left behind. For retailers, this involves digitization and integration of a wide array of assets and systems, such as vending machines, store equipment, customer portals, and an extended enterprise of suppliers and providers. A general challenge in the retail industry is that inventory, Point of Sale (POS), and other systems are separate and report for different periods. This timeline discrepancy forces manual efforts to reconcile sales and stock levels to support the ordering process, leading to waste shrink. Retailers use iVEDiX’s Digital Platform to integrate multiple systems to help monitor shrinkage and boost profitability. Combining real-time and historical data gives retailers unprecedented capabilities to visualize, analyze, and interact with vast amounts of untapped information to better serve their customers.

“The ability to provide the quick integrations and fast value to our clients with miVEDiX is a natural extension of our service offerings.”


Michael Jackson, Managing Partner at Solea