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Simple. By thinking of all the ways people interact with graphic information, we’ve built a unique user interface. An interface born of extensive input from the people destined to use it. A platform that organizes and visualizes information in a more intuitive holistic way. It’s simply more useful, more visual, more actionable, and human-centered like nothing else.

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What does work life look like when iVEDiX is in the palm of your hand? More intuitive. More vivid. More valuable. Reports in formats you can scan and understand at a glance. An interface you can learn in just moments. Insights you can uncover in the simplest gestures. Here’s a closer look.

Extraordinary features.

See the world.


Beyond the eye-popping map features we’ve built into iVEDiX, you’ll also enjoy the capacity to plot data directly on maps, visualize it with pins and sized circles, analyze regional data, and explore trends deeply. Happy travels.

Swipe, pinch, and zoom.


iVEDiX makes it easier to navigate tables and grids on your mobile device – check out our very own alternative to the mundane drop downs – the iVEDiX DISC. Never lose sight of where you navigated from and where you could go. Create and transform grids into graphs into KPIs, set thresholds, and manipulate visuals all in seconds.

Get clear KPIs.


Monitor real-time data using a wide array of visual types and settings. With rich formatting options and the power to set precise thresholds. Track trends, goals and gauges in the field. See your organization live and breathe.

Personalize your look.


We take personalization seriously. Theme it, color it, transform it till it feels like it’s yours. No matter your brand or personality, we make it easy for you to customize the interface to reflect you and your workforce. Plus, iVEDiX is compatible with multiple languages. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, to name a few.


Application Type


Supported Platforms

Implementation Type

Database Connectivity




Single-Server (min.)

Windows 8.1+, iOS 9+, Android 5.0+

Cloud, On-premises, Hybrid

Relational, Multi-dimensional, Unstructured, APIs

Client Firewall, Device Security, Configurable User-Based Security, Inherited Client Infrastructure Security

Contextual translation of both data and labels