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Here are some of the most popular questions people have for us when we begin the conversation. Ready to talk but curious about a few things? Check out this list for our best answers.

1. How do you pronounce iVEDiX?

Simple. It’s eye-VED-icks. (We’re glad you asked!)

2. Who—or what—is iVEDiX?

It’s who we are and what we do. IVEDiX is a native-mobile business platform designed to make it easier for people to interact with and understand complicated data from many sources—all at once.

3. So then, where does the name iVEDiX come from?

Our name comes from the word Vedic—derived from the Sanskrit Veda—a word that means knowledge or the act of knowing.

4. What’s special about iVEDiX? How’s it different from other platforms?

First, our platform works for you in real-time, so all of the analytics you see in the UI can be instantaneous. The way we designed the user experience is different, too. It’s extraordinarily human, because we began by learning how people think and interact instead of making people adapt to our design.

5. What kinds of organizations would most benefit from iVEDiX?

Organizations responsible for the wellbeing of employees, customers, the public. Organizations facing fierce competition and looking for an edge in their reaction times to changing data. From health care to retail to energy and education, the applications for iVEDiX are limitless.

6. What operating systems does iVEDiX support?

See the latest technical specs.

7. iVEDiX sounds awesome. Can I take it for a test drive?

Head over to our demo request section and we’ll get you started.

8. Does iVEDiX partner with other companies? Would you partner with mine?

We do—and we may want to partner with you, too. We team up with partners across five different areas: Referral partners, Technology partners, Systems integrators, Resellers, and OEM partners. Interested? Find out more.

9. I lost my password. Can you let me in?

On the iVEDiX application login screen, you’ll see ‘username’ and ‘password’ fields. Next to each, there’s a question-mark icon. Tap the icon for instructions on how to recover the information you’ve forgotten. Still need help? Email

10. I’m a current customer and I need help. Where can I go?

Talk to your designated iVEDiX license administrator directly or send an email to, along with a detailed description of your issue or concern.

11. I like what I’m seeing. Are you hiring?

Check out our current openings, and if you spot a position that sounds like you, just follow the steps to apply.