iVEDiX Studio + Glass =

A People-Centered Digital Platform.

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The iVEDiX Digital Platform enables you to build digital, native-mobile solutions through the combination of personalized user experience and workflow, cognitive analytics, and IoT enablement. From the start, iVEDiX has been ahead of the innovation curve, providing an intuitive application called Glass that curates data for its users. Behind the scenes, Studio is a robust administrative suite. Together, Glass + Studio power a company’s digital experience.

How iVEDiX Works.


Ready for a peek inside? From the moment you build applications in iVEDiX Studio and log into iVEDiX Glass, you’ll experience smarter, faster, and easier data discovery. From a rigorous, split-second security check to a world of information tailored to your workflow, your screen comes to life with information, vividly transformed into captivating visuals you can touch, see, and bring to life.

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What Is Workflow and Why Should I Care About It?
Simply put, Workflow is using technology to automate a flow of tasks, which enhances productivity for the organization. It’s the digital enterprise in action. It’s the core of digital transformation.



When users can process visual information quickly and clearly, they can act faster. IVEDIX obsessively focuses its software development on a design-centric architecture. Always thinking first about how people interact with information, IVEDiX brings vibrant visualization and intuitive usability into one product. We have an obsession with curating an extraordinary experience of visualizing and interacting with data in today’s digital world.

Personalized Workflow.


As a company embarks on its digital transformation journey, personalized workflows enable unique operational methods. The iVEDiX Digital Platform is built to support customizable and personalized workflows, automating the interactions between people, procedures, and technology. Combining this support with Big Data analytics allows companies to further increase the effectiveness and efficiency of digitizing enterprise-wide processes.

Uniquely Mobile.


iVEDiX is available on iOS, Android and Windows, natively. The application framework can take full advantage of the capabilities that Apple, Google and Microsoft are unleashing through their respective Operating Systems.

Cognitive Analytics.


Traditional analytics are not equipped to handle deeper insights and unlock value to tackle data challenges. Actionable data and analytics-driven intelligence is at the core of the iVEDiX Digital Platform. Cognitive analytics applies machine-learning rules, AI and big data processing to detect actionable patterns in data. Enterprises that are successful in their digital transformation journey will be able to effectively leverage Big Data streams inside and outside of the business.

IoT Enablement.


Internet of Things is fundamentally altering the dynamics of digital business today by creating new data streams that can generate tremendous sources of value through location intelligence and asset management. The iVEDiX Digital Platform is built to address the unique characteristics of edge devices, streaming data, and enterprise integration. iVEDiX leverages this data into actionable intelligence to enhance profits and ROI.



iVEDiX unites disparate data and formats into a single, engaging pane of glass. Any data source. Any device. Together at last. You may also learn to love the DISC — a beautifully engineered virtual wheel of information that makes navigating large datasets fast and intuitive. Dial through multiple data groups, sort, and search.